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Lisa's Links, Pix & Reviews
These are some of the bands who've been in my Showcases and other links & pix I want to share.
CLICK ON THEM to check out their websites.  I've also posted some reviews. Enjoy!

David de Young of HowWasTheShow.Com

Rift Magazine


French Radio Show - Babes In Boyland

Endless Blue

Panel of Experts

My Cat

Jeaneen Gauthier - Jan

Zeodrift - Future Lisa's Art Site

Faux Jean

Thats What You Get

Bi-Cities Cable Show hosts
Anita and Marge

Club Underground

The -Isms

".... her lyrics chronicle events Which relate to everyone. In her third release (Test Drive), Lisa again sets painful relationship experiences to music. Lyrics are cold, cynical and dark both musically and subjectively. Think of a nightmare in D-minor. "Box" relates detatching from painful post-relationship feelings (My heart's in a box in the basement/decided to pack it away.) "Repo Man", my favorite track, describes someone visiting to repo her ex-husbands truck, neither of which are still there (You sleazy scumball piece of dirt/I divorced you, keep me out of this.) "Hard Anymore" is pure spoken word, filtered through a piercing sneer (Strangers I see get a rise out of me/But you don't get me hard anymore.) If Wednesday Addams had formed a band, this is what it would sound like." (thesource)
Test Drive, Demorama.com - August 2006

Norshor Theater Superbowl 2005 Show - "Perhaps she's best interpreted as a modern day Jim Morrison. As Morrison shocked the audiences with his Oedipal desire to kill dad and eeeeyoooowwww mom, Future Lisa knows she's hit her target when the audience spews beer...She's the nice girl by day who at night gives her dark side its due." Reader Weekly

"Fans who like their Fiery Furnaces and Patti Smith subdued and kinky should check out SM-fixated East Coast transplant Future Lisa, whose jazz-rock-poetry-punk is quiet without being mousy" Lewis House Benefit 2 A-List 12/21/05, City Pages, by Peter S. Scholtes

"...I'm still scared..." Cover Girl, Demorama.com

"....To say Lisa's lyrics are inspired would be a gross understatement. Most tracks ooze with multiple levels of meaning, capturing emotions at absolute crest and trough. 'New Girlfriend' celebrates jealousy with rolling, pulsing, mashing cords that mirror the ball of hatred one feels in the pit of their stomach when losing out to someone else (and who hasn't been there?) 'Heart Transplant' explores the pain and self-doubt felt after a break-up. And 'Aren't We The Dead' laments the time-wasting, emotional emptiness of a non-intimate physical relationship..." New Girlfriend - Demorama.com April 2004

No Head For You - "Future Lisa sings sometimes in what sounds like a New Jersey accent, and what I guess is some sort of Minnesotan accent, and then in a kind of flat, dead voice that quavers like she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown......it's so strange it's intriguing; you can't help listening to it over and over again, and making other people listen to it over and over again...." Cosmic Debris Magazine, Holly Day

Showcase #9 - "...Lisa's songs reminded me of a tripped out version of Bertolt Brecht. There is a childlike simplicity here, but with definitely grown-up (sometimes adult) themes." David de Young (HowWasthe show.com)

Future Lisa's Pix and Links